Friday, 21 January 2011

Weigh In

So we’ve started a competition in our office to try and lose the most weight before the end of February. It gives us 5 weeks, and we all want to lose around 10kg. We’re each putting R50 in, so whoever does win, will walk away with R200 and a fitter, trimmer figure.

Since we’re all different personalities, we’ve all got different methods of how to approach this:
CB is taking green tea tablets, working out the gym and eating healthier.

NF is drinking protein shakes and doing motorbike races.

RD is eating healthier and carrying on with her normal activities.

I’m going to be drinking green tea and trying to get to the gym to swim as much as possible (with maybe the odd pilates lesson thrown in for good measure).

Six weeks, four participants, four methods …

Lets see which method is the most effective, what the side effects can be, and who has the will power to withstand temptation?

Until next time,
Daughter of Dreams

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The countdown

To all those brides out there who are still in the planning stages of their wedding, here's a year guideline I've put together (via various wedding websites) that I'm working through (although the month - month guide sometimes gets carried over … but like life you learn from others experience and then adapt it to find what works for you) ^_^:

Twelve Months or more before the wedding
• Announce your engagement to family and friends.
• Introduce both sets of parents, if you have not already.
• Select a wedding date, time and a possible alternate date.
• Determine the formality of your wedding.
• Check with your pastor to determine any pre-marital requirements.
• Discuss what church or ceremony site you’d like
• Plan the reception and book location as soon as wedding date is set.
• Hire a caterer, if not included with reception site.
• Discuss menu options with your caterer.
• Discuss how expenses will be shared with all relevant parties

Nine to eleven months before the wedding
• Announce your engagement in the newspaper
• Reserve your photographer and videographer
• Reserve the church or ceremony site you’ve decided on.
• Choose the musician(s) and review music selection for ceremony/reception
• Schedule dancing lessons if you want
• Determine the number of guests you want.
• Look around for what kind of wedding dress and accessories you want.
• Select a travel agent and start planning for your honeymoon

Six to nine months before the wedding
• Buy your wedding dress (although you can wait longer if you’d prefer to buy closer to the time.) Note: Sometimes leaving it to the last minute because you want to lose weight/tone up isn’t the best idea. Dresses can be altered.
• Schedule fittings and delivery date when buying or ordering your dress and accessories.
• Select and order bridesmaids dresses and schedule fittings and delivery date.
• Arrange for transportation to ceremony and reception.
• Select and reserve florist and discuss color scheme.
• Register your preferences with the bridal registries of your favorite stores.
• Begin shopping for the formal wear for the groom and male attendants.

Four to six months before the wedding
• Check requirements for blood tests and marriage licenses in your state.
• Make an appointment for an exam with your doctor and dentist.
• Select and order wedding rings.
• Ask both mothers to coordinate and select their dresses.
• Complete your guest list. (There should be no abbreviations).
• Order invitations and stationery, such as direction cards and wedding programs.
• Purchase gifts for wedding attendants and look for favors for guests.
• Purchase accessories, such as goblets, cake knives, flower girl basket, garter, ring pillow, candles, guest book and pen, etc.
• Engage a calligrapher to address invitations, envelopes and write place cards.
• Select baker and order wedding cake.
• Finalize honeymoon details and make reservations. (Apply for a visa or passport, if necessary.)
• Ensure that all bridal attire has been ordered.
• Experiment with hairstyles if you’re doing your own hair.

Two to three months before the wedding
• Send wedding announcements to the newspaper.
• Get your groom to choose his wedding attire, and his groomsmen to go with for fittings.
• Start addressing invitation envelopes.
• Mail invitations six weeks before the wedding.
• Assist with making reservations and finalizing rehearsal dinner details.
• Finalize details with florist, photographer, videographer, musicians and baker.
• Choose a responsible person to attend to your guest book.
• Make an appointment with hairdresser and makeup artist, if you are to have it done for you.

Four to Six Weeks Before the Wedding
• Invitations should have been mailed out by now.
• Mail thank-you notes for shower gifts.
• Have your final wedding dress fitting.
• Have the final fittings for your wedding attendants.
• Purchase a gift for your future spouse.
• Finalize decor, food and beverage menu with the caterer.
• Purchase going away outfit.

Two to Three Weeks Before the Wedding
• Contact guests who have not returned respond cards.
• Arrange name change on documents for business, banking, insurance, etc.
• Send change of address notice to post office.
• Order travelers checks for honeymoon, if needed.
• Pick up wedding rings and make sure they fit.
• Meet with photographer. Give him/her a list of special events or props you want in the videotape.
• Meet with the entertainer and give him/her a list of the music to be played during special events such as bouquet and garter tossing.
• Continue writing thank-you notes for gifts received.

One to Two Weeks Before the Wedding
• Write or have calligrapher do the place cards or a reception-seating chart.
• Provide the caterer with the final guest count and seating arrangements.
• Confirm honeymoon reservations; pick up tickets and travelers checks.
• Assign tasks for your wedding day; written out for each wedding party attendant.
• Pick up wedding attire and make sure everything fits properly.
• Finalize details of transportation for out-of-town guests and wedding day,

One week before the wedding

• Attend rehersal dinner and give attendents their gifts.
• Put together the tip envelope for the vendors and ask the best man or bridesmaid to give to them.
• Get facial/manicure/pedicure/massage.
• Try to get to bed early each night so you’re well rested.

One day before the wedding

• Go for a final massage.
• Put together the tip envelope for the vendors and ask the best man or bridesmaid to give to them.
• Get facial/manicure/pedicure/massage.
• Try to get to bed early each so you’re well rested for your big day
• Layout everything you’ll need for your wedding day in a safe place (dress, shoes, marriage license, etc).
• Reconfirm hair and make-up appointments if you’ve booked them,
• Call everyone in the wedding party to make sure they know where they’re meant to be at what time.

The wedding

• Eat breakfast even if you think you’re not hungry.
• Have your hair and make-up done.
• Begin dressing two hours before ceremony is scheduled to begin.
• Relax, de-stress and have fun. If something goes wrong on the big day, chances are no one but you will notice, so smile and don’t let it get to you.

- Phew, it kinda helps to have it all out of my head and on a page. And now it's made me realise I need to catch up on some of the things I can't put off anymore.
*Scuttles off to be busy and industrious)*

-Daughter of Dreams

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Five months late ...

So it's five months late, but here it is. The new blog post into the life of me a capite ad calcem (from top to toe) in 2011.

What to say? 2010 was a good year filled with its own highs, lows and wonderfully motionless weeks where nothing extraordinary happen, but nothing terrible occured either. I was one happy girl when life continued at it's snail crawl, but sitting getting complacent unfortunately, isn't something life thinks I do well at. So it decided to heave-ho and stir the pot for me, with the end result being that I felt as if a hurricane had torn through me while I was on a sinking ship.

In December, on my birthday (the 12th if anyone cares), I was informed by my boss that I unfortunately don't have the necessary skills needed to continue my job in the new year. That they're splitting my position into two roles and upgrading them, so people with years of experience can swoop in like vultures and take over from me (who's had to learn via being thrown in the deep end and come out swimming like a champ). So my current contract ends on the 28th of Feb 2011.

Needless to say I was more than a bit heartbroken, and the little girl inside me just wanted to wail:"What did I dooooo? Why don't you liiiike meeee? Why not traaaiiin meee?! Waaaah". Instead I smiled calmly and said I understood, while inside I was gripped with a heart wrenching panic as everything I'd planned crumbled away and I was stuck thinking "I'm getting married and going on honeymoon! No one's going to hire now if I can only start in May! What am I going to do!?!?".

Still, after pondering on the intricacies of business for a full minute, (something I know exists, I have been part of, yet still fail to comprehend the full magnitude of), I came to the conclusion that though it was tough luck for me, it's a good decision for them. They need someone who can handle the umpteen magazines they're bringing on board, they need someone who isn't going to collapse when we've got five magazines going off at the same time. I'm not that someone. I'm doing fine with two, but would start to sink a little without help after four or more. And I can be happy in the knowledge that in this building, I do one more magazine then every other department, so at least the knowledge I'm not lazy or stupid can booster my slightly shakey confidence.

And self pitying aside, I'm now looking into the shining road of the unknown, striking a Tarzanesque pose and screaming in my head "Aaaahahaahaaaa", as I prepare to swing off into this uncertain future, feet first and heart on fire, looking for the next big adventure that's somewhere up ahead waiting for me ...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Finally published ... well, sort of

Today I’m in a great mood ☺

Work’s not too crazy, wedding plans are getting sorted slowly and an article I wrote for global affairs has been posted. So here’s a shameless, desperate plea for all: Check it out at
and if (you've waded through it all) and are feeling kindly, then please leave a comment for me. (I'll even take any criticism or corrections – cos I’ll never learn what I'm doing wrong until I’m told.)

Love to all,
Daughter of Dreams

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Busy bee

I know it's been a while since I've been on here, and here's a big SORRY to my readers, but lifes been a little crazy :) in a good way...

D and I have decided to go through a jeweller and get our rings made. His is going to be a standard titanium with embellishments, mine will be a custom made design based on a ring I saw online and tweaked ^_^ So once they're made, bought and delivered I'll post some pics.

D's mom has found a piper for us to pipe us in which is great! She's also organised a musician and a holiday house by the beach for our first 2 honeymoon nights! (Love her so much!)

Other then that works been keeping me busy, I've found my myspace page and posted on there, (its been 3 years since I was last on!!) and plan to update that.

I've also started designing my own website via yola, so once that's done to my satisfaction I'll post a link, and you can view some of my photo's, poems, etc.

Found a great deal on a laptop, which if everything goes well I'll be able to buy on Friday once I'm paid (does crazy happy dance). Which means I'll have a webcam so I can install Skype and finally get to chat with everyone oversea's who I miss and love. Woohoo!!

All in all, feeling great right now, happy with the progress we're making and super excited for everything going on.

Post again soon,

Daughter of Dreams

Monday, 24 May 2010

Time management

Today I woke up feeling happy.

Sunshine, birdsong and a positive attitude.

Had breakfast, bathed and went through to my exam venue and studied that extra hour before going into the venue to write.

Then I looked at the board and saw my module wasn't listed. In less then a second my good mood vanished and I groped around in my bag for my timetable.

Yep, listed there in black and white, my exam was for the 25th of May, not the 24th.

So doing a break-neck sprint, I went to the car, drove home to grab my bag, and then sped off to work. Which I arrived at, 11:45. Only three hours late.

I then had to apologise for being a blonde to my boss, and get to work. She was pretty cool about it, and everyone else in my office tried to cheer me up.

On the plus side, no-one other then D was upset with me (boy, did he have a nice go at my timing and managing things). At least I got an extra 3 hours revision in this morning. So tomorrow, at the actual exam, I am going to write and ace Mandarin for beginners!

Which brings me to my second point...maybe I should work on creating a better schedule for myself. Like actually writing things into the calander on my wall so mistakes like this dont happen.

Oh well, part of life is making - and learning from - mistakes.

At least I didn't arrive a day late for my exam.

Until next time,

Thursday, 08 April 2010

Working Days

It's always interesting encountering unexpected situations.

After a long relaxing Easter weekend, I've returned to work and am in my first Deadline week. *cue ominous drum roll and nail biting*

As I type this, we (at work) have been experiencing virus activity, (Malware to be precise) which is slowing down the company network and internet. This last week alone there were over 1.9 million attacks according to our IT department,and it's made me wonder...who hates our company that much, or to rephrase that: Who has that much spare time?

Currently I'm trying to edit articles, upload adverts and learn (in general) how to be a good editorial assistant. It's challanging and fun but I'm also starting to stress out just a wee bit.

To Elaborate: I'm meant to be able to access a certain program which (IT) was meant to have loaded on my machine (and hadn't), and now they've changed the network drives and I can't access any of the other work I have to do (Cue pulling out of hair). *Sigh*

It's very hard to be thrown in the deep end of things only to have a curve ball come your way leaving you floundering. I've spent the last hour and a half waiting for my machine to be free so I can work. (Although I won't complain too much about my nice extended lunch break ^_^)

I'm very lucky that my Editor is understanding, but it's hard to impress her if I can't show her what I'm doing!

Only two more days till weekend...I can make it!!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Short Circuit Blog post

-According to Wikipedia, a short circuit in an electrical circuit is one that allows a current to travel along a different path from the one originally intended.
This might explain why this blog post (which was originally going to be a mind blowing article of mass interest and controversy) is now another procession of rambling thoughts. I suppose it is about time I cleared my head and injected some life and form to the ideas bopping around my skull.
 -Easter's next weekend, April Fools Day is around the corner, and with having three almost consecutive weeks only 4 work days long (Oh how I love public holidays) I'm feeling pretty good round about now.
 -It's that time of year where you remember the warm days with fond memories as the cold slowly creeps in. Time to start bring out thicker jackets and cardigans, knee-high socks and hot cocoa. Have the mornings greet you with the slightest of chills in the air, but send sunlight streaming through your window. To rise and face the day in a happy mind set. Enough said.
-An interesting tip I read about starting to blog: Write for your readers
Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great tip. It is precise and to the point...but it doesn't give you a clue what to do if you don't have any readers. Yet.
It could be interpreted as writing articles based on the readers you want to attract to your blog...but seeing as I'm writing this mainly for myself, with random articles for possible outside readers, does that mean other people might find this drawn out self-reflecting blog post I'm currently typing interesting? Really?
-Another tip is that I should find my voice and use it throughout each post.
...Excuse me? Me thinks this is just a wee bit vague. I don't even have a tone set (or don't think I do) and if I do/did/have one, why would I want to keep it even throughout my blog posts? What if I'm ranting or imparting knowledge, or writing about something fun that happened to me IRL? The tone of my posts will doubtlessly vary to reflect changes, maturation and maybe even a new blogging style. Could my voice be a schizophrenic one? That encompassing my many moods, spelling errors and other off -work symptoms of laziness, boredom and an almost vague interest in terms of writing an article.
And now, out of sheer tiredness and slight (to read as- fast approaching) boredom, I shall sign off and leave you ^_^
Thanks for stopping by,
Daughter of Dreams

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Time Flies

Now, more then ever before, I've noticed how time just seems to be flying by.

When you're a child everything is new and exciting, but your perception is that time is slow, that it drags by. After all -you're in a hurry to grow and up and experience things. You've got whole life is ahead of you!!

As you mature and reach adulthood (which I'm roughly putting between 18-20) time suddenly seems to pass by a lot faster. There's no longer enough hours in the day to get everything done. Like relax after an 8 hour work day, visit friends, watch an episode of your favorite series (For me currently that's "Bones") to cook supper, do laundry, wash up, feed the pets, iron clothes, read and then go to bed...wake up and start it all over again!

It's like living with a Damocles over your head. Never knowing when it's going to fall and cut everything short...when your own internal clock decides to give things the boot and inconveniently stop. When will you experience it? What age will you be? Do you want to? But those are questions for another post.

A variety of options from other people as to why time is speeding up:

We're moving into a new Frequency"
"Time isn't changing, it's your perception that's changing"
"The pace of development is accelerating, not time"
"We're going through a Photon Belt"
"It's the Mayan Calander"
" The Schumann Resonance frequency of Earth is rising" 

Time without a clock is based on our perception and focus,but it doesn't explain why children are maturing younger( perhaps preservatives and hormones in food are affecting these changes) why plants are flowering sooner or even why the seasons are changing so drastically! (Cue someone commenting about global warming) But it's these and a hundred other little discrepencies that make me wonder.

Who knows for sure what's really happening out there in the universe, heck, we haven't even finished exploring the ocean, but we decide to tackle space next?

I wonder how many of the theories are correct or even plausable to someone other then me...?

Anyone know? Anyone care?

Still, the ultimate test is: How long a minute seems, depends on which side of the bathroom door your on ^_^

Thanks for stopping by.
Daughter of Dreams

Friday, 19 February 2010

Determaining the true worth of a man

I've been thinking for a while now about what dictates your moral ground. The driving force that makes people decide what is right, and what is wrong. Does the way you view the world help in building your character? Do the choices you make empower you or disempower you? And really, what is a person's character? Is it the same as your personality? Is it inherited or learned? And through all this, what is it that determains a mans true worth to others?

The following are the answers I've come up with. Feel free to comment on anything you agree, disagree or can or cannot relate to ^_^

Wikipedia's definition of morality is that: "morality is a man made concept. What is moral to one group, nation or country it can be immoral to another one. That means what is good for somebody it can be bad for somebody else." To me, adhering to the moral laws of our respective countries is a good thing. I think killing someone in a cold calculated manner (murder) is wrong, as is taking something that is not yours, or abusing others emotionally, physically and mentally. To me the principal of "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" rings true. Or more simply put, " And harm ye none, do what ye will". (However I firmly believe that killing someone, in defence of a loved one or yourself is can only turn the other cheek so many times. And you only get one life!)

So morals are guide lines that we're brought up with, that help shape our world view. And the world around us is based on our perception of it. So yet again, what somone thinks can differ greatly from someone else, and who's to say that the views of others are wrong?

It is our perception of situations that dictates what we get out of life. So if we choose to view the good in things, and see negative things in an impartial light, then how can anything really be completely negatively? Of course if you're mugged at gun point and your bag, or wallet and cellphone are taken away, thats not exactly a positive experience.

But it could help you to be more aware of the things going on around you. It can force you to live in the moment, or realise that true value is found in living life now, and having a variety of experiances. The value in life isn't found in having millions of material possessions or accumulating trinkets which could be taken from you tomorrow, or destroyed in fires, earthquakes or any other kind of natural or man made disaster. Sure material comforts are nice, but they don't determain who you are.

Yes, if you're mugged it's traumatic and stressful, but it's your choice whether you want to become the victim, or the survivor. If you want to live in fear, or embrace tomorrow as a new day. It's how you deal with the situations life throws at you, that determain you character.

Personally, I believe that character and personality are linked, but they are not the same thing. Your personality is composed of the inherent traits you were born with, while your character is a series of behaviours that have been observed and learned. It's character helps us determain who we really are.
There are many definitions of character qualities. Some good qualities might be compassion and integrity, or honesty and helpfulness. While some bad qualities might be arrogance and aggressiveness and cruelty or concitedness. While everyone has a mixture of traits, it's the one's you show time and again that define you to others. And if you're consistently impatient and finding fault with others, I'm sorry, but no one is going to want to hang around with you, it'd be far too draining! So in a nut shell, a persons character helps others determain the true value or worth of  them.

Some famous quotes about mans true worth are below:

 Ann Landers once said: “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”  

Thomas Babington Macaulay said: “The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.” 

and perhaps the most well known quote is from  Martin Luther King, Jr who said: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

All these people and many, many more all held to the thought that, it's not what happens to you, but how you deal with it, that shows your true colours. 

The following American Indian proverb sums up my point perfectly:

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life:
A fight is going on inside me, he said to the boy. It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, fear, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too.
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, Which wolf will win? The old Cherokee simply replied, The one you feed.
- American Indian Proverb

Until next time,
Daughter of Dreams